What if every time someone pulled out a camera,
you knew exactly what to do to make sure you looked amazing?

Here's A Secret: You Can!

And it doesn’t matter what size, age, or shape you are-- you can still take stunning photos that show off your authentic personality.

Does any of this sound familiar?
I'm Just “Not Photogenic”

You think some people are simply born with a gene that makes you photogenic… and you’re not one of them.

I Cringe When “New Tagged Photo” Pops Up On Social Media

We’ve all been there, and we’ve all seen the memes. You may have felt like you had the perfect outfit, and your hair and make up was flawless—

but as soon as you see a tagged photo you wonder, “WHO IS THIS? OH WAIT... THAT'S ME?!”

I Get Anxious at Weddings When Someone Wants to Take My Picture

…or when your friend tells you that she “Got her wedding photos back” and wants to have a girls’ night to look at them!

Reflecting on life's big moments should bring joy, rather than anxiety!

I Have One Go-To Pose I Use For Every Photo

Yes girl! It’s great to have a favorite pose.

However, if your entire social media just shows you in the same pose over, and over, and over again-- That's pretty boring, right?

Your digital presence should showcase ALL of your personality— not just one side and one angle! 

I Feel Awkward In Front of the Camera

You don’t know where to put your hands, your feet.. or just your self!

Or maybe you’re self conscious about a specific part of your body, so you let the camera take control of your life, instead of the other way around.

I Have TONS of Photos of My Kids… but Very Few with Me In Them

You’re completely exhausted, responsible for another human's wellbeing, and on top of it— your body has changed.

You think to yourself, “my kids are the cute ones anyways,” so you aren’t preserving precious memories of your time with them.

Come on Mama, your kids are going to want to post precious photos of you for their Mother's Day throwbacks twenty years from now!

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Did you raise your hand to (any) or all the above?
FABULOUS! are SO in the right place.
The truth is...

Whether we like it or not, we live in a digital society where many of our first impressions are made through photos...

  • Want to find a job? You're going to need to have a photo on your LinkedIn profile.

  • Single and want to find a partner? Chances are you're on a dating app that requires you to upload photos.

  • Getting married? You're probably dropping good money to hire a photographer to take pictures of you.

  • Starting a business? Your customers will want to know who you are and what your story is.

  • Made a new friend? They're probably looking through your Instagram right now.

A single photo, viewed by the right person, can change the course of your life forever.

Here's a secret most "photogenic" people won't tell you...
Posing for photos is just like learning any other skill.
Yes, it’s a SKILL. Just like basketball, or knitting, or playing chess.

You have to know where to start, know what your individual strengths are, learn the strategies of the craft, and then practice that skill until you master it.

…and I’m going to teach you how.

Can you do something for me?

Take a minute and imagine a world where you...
Know you'll love a photo of yourself... before it's even taken.
You know exactly how to pose your body, and which angles to hit, the *second* your friend pulls out their phone to take a photo.
Actively enjoy life’s major events, without worrying if you’ll like the photos you’re in.
Make event anxiety a thing of the past! After all, photos should *add* to the experience of a fun event— not take away from it!
Get more matches on your dating apps.
Not only do your photos stand out, they showcase your dazzling and unique personality! Plus, since you’re showcasing yourself authentically, you’ll be attracting the right kinds of partners.
Have a hard time deciding which photo to post on social media

…because there are SO MANY you LOVE!

You can’t narrow it down and have to use the slider feature on your Instagram to show them all off.

Stand out to recruiters on LinkedIn, helping you land your dream job
In a sea of same-ness, your confidence and composure make your photos *pop,* putting you miles ahead of other applicants.
Have a camera roll full of gorgeous memories you’ll cherish for years to come
Life goes by quickly, and photos are the best tools for remembering moments large and small.
Here's the deal...
You can achieve all of this... by simply learning the art of posing for photos.
...And I’m here to teach you how!

I want to introduce you to my secret weapon...

Posed Perfect
Posed Perfect is my first of its kind, step-by-step course where I’ll teach you my highly effective posing methodology, so you can stop worrying about how you look in photos and start enjoying life!
No matter your size, age, or level of comfort in front of the camera, Posed Perfect delivers a highly tailored one-of-a-kind experience that works for YOU.
How It Works...
You'll learn the "4 Pillars" of my Posed Perfect Process to transform the way you look in photos...

This is where you'll get a complete mindset makeover, and do camera confidence boosting activities.


You'll get a crash course in phone photography.  We'll be doing a deep dive into everything there is to know about choosing your location, lighting, and camera angles.


You'll master the art of angles, and learn how to position your body in a way that puts your best features forward! 


In this final pillar, you'll learn your 27 Signature Poses using my LAAFF method, as well as 100 additional poses you can use at any time.

What You'll Learn

Posed Perfect features over 3 hours of video training content broken into 8 Modules.


Laying the Foundation

We’re going to go over everything you’ll need to do throughout the course to set you up for success!


Developing Camera Confidence

t’s time for a mindset makeover!  Before we get to business, I’m going to teach you the same proven exercises I used to get confident in front of the camera.


Setting Up Your Shot

You’ll learn the secrets both professional photographers and influencers use to set up their photos.  No fancy camera required-- you can do this on your phone!


Discovering Your Best Angles

The key to posing success is a strong foundation.  In this module you’re going to learn the step by step actions you’ll take to help YOU find your best angles!


Conquering Body Insecurity

We’ll be covering the main points of body insecurity many of us feel-- stomach, arms, chin, and legs-- and I’ll give you “quick win” posing strategies to make sure you feel your most confident and highlight your favorite assets.


Fundamentals of Posing

Just as a dancer must master basic technique before doing impressive turns and jumps, I’m going to walk you through the fundamentals of finding poses that work for YOU!


Signature Poses: 101 Ways to Pose

Now for the fun part! I’m going to teach you over 100+ different standing, sitting, and laying down poses you can test out for yourself!


Tying it All Together

You’ll learn how to tie it all together, to make it feel authentic so you can let your real personality shine.  We’ll go over conveying emotion, posing with groups, and using clothing, props, and the space around you to make your photos feel natural.

Who is this posing wizard?
Nice to meet you, I'm Christine Buzan!

I help women of all backgrounds, ages, shapes and sizes take the best photos of their lives, so they can feel confident in front of the camera and actively enjoy life's big events without having to worry about how they'll look on the internet!

"I worked closely with Christine at the beginning of my journey of being an influencer. She taught me to think about everything from the way my legs were positioned while sitting, to what to do with my awkward hands. Some of my favorite photos on my Instagram were captured by her, and by the looks of them, people actually thought I was a print model, haha! When it comes to the art of posing, Christine just knows what works."
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Xania J. - Atlanta, GA.

Why Posed Perfect?

I developed Posed Perfect for one distinct reason-- to empower women.

The truth is, whether we like it or not, photos aren’t going anywhere.  From social media, to dating apps, to online recruitment tools like LinkedIn, a majority of our first impressions are being made online these days.

Every day I hear women in person and online say that they don’t like the way they look in photos-- and it breaks my heart. 

It’s my mission to help women from all walks of life feel confident, happy, and empowered.  What better way to do that than helping them take control of their online presence?

As a size 14 woman with no formal modeling experience, who makes her living as a blogger that poses for photos on the internet, I’m living proof that you don’t have to be a specific size to look good in photos-- you just need to know how to do it!

After doing extensive research, I realized that a lot of the posing lessons I saw on Youtube were taught by professional models, and the angles and poses they used only really catered to one kind of body type.

I created Posed Perfect to level the playing field.  I’m bringing you a decade’s worth of insider tips in a one-of-a-kind program that’s entirely personalized.  No matter what your background, age, or level of physical ability is, you can learn from Posed Perfect. 

You’re just 8 weeks away from taking the best photos of your life… so what are you waiting for?

"I've always felt super awkward posing for pictures by myself. I felt like I always did the same pose and had a forced smile. Posed Perfect gave me the tools to help me feel more confident and even have fun being photographed solo! My latest headshot for my work's website came out great and I can't thank Christine enough."
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Katie S. - Orange County, CA.

Questions? I've got answers!
How long do I have access to the course?

After paying, you’ll receive access to Posed Perfect which kicks off on November 1st. You will receive access to each Module on a weekly basis. Once the course is complete, you’ll have lifetime access to it!  This means you’ll be able to log into it whenever you want, and learn at your own pace.

What format is course content delivered in?

The lessons are delivered in over three hours of video format, and my supplemental “101 Ways to Pose” E-Book.  There are also worksheets and “homework” for each module to ensure your success.

Couldn't I just find this information for free online?

Prior to launching Posed Perfect, I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find a single comprehensive resource.  Other bloggers and Youtubers had posing “tips” but they were largely surface level and appealed to one body type.  Posed Perfect is the first, and only, proven system out there to empower women from all different backgrounds look, and feel, their best in front of the camera! 

Limited Time Offer...
What's Included...

Posed Perfect Course $499 Value

"Conquering Body Insecurity" Video Series $29 Value

"101 Ways to Pose" Ebook $49 Value

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